type large slope angle belt conveyor

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type large slope angle belt conveyor

 1, this series of products for general purpose continuous bulk materials conveying equipment, is used with the corrugated wall and the diaphragm of the conveyor belt. Therefore, it is especially for large transmission angle.
2, this series can be widely used in coal, grain, construction materials, chemicals, utilities, and metallurgical industries, in -19 °C ~ +40 °C ambient temperature range, the transport packing density of 0.5 ~ 2.5t/m3 various scattered like material.
3, this series of conveyor has maximum transport of inclination of 90 °, the maximum size for the transport of materials 300mm.
4, there are special requirements for transportation of materials, such as high temperature or acidic, alkaline, oil and other substances or organic solvent composition of materials, requires the use of special materials, corrugated sidewall conveyor belt.
 Steep sidewall belt conveyor is mainly used for coal, ore, cement, fertilizer, grain and other bulk materials transport, widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, building materials, food, chemical and other industries. The product has wide application and use angle range, small footprint, the conveyor belt running smoothly and so on.

type large slope angle belt conveyortype large slope angle belt conveyor


type large slope angle belt conveyor

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